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ArchNet: Unknown Soldier Monument in Baghdad

Type: Physical memorial
Location: Baghdad
Country: Iraq
Creator: Marcello D’Olivo, Hisham Munir
Dedication year: 1982

Added: 12/17/2006
Updated: 10/18/2010 10:35:42 PM

ArchNet: Unknown Soldier Monument in Baghdad
From US DoD image database. URL
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ArchNet: Unknown Soldier Monument in Baghdad
License: © | By: Archnet | Source: link | enlarge

ArchNet have excellent images of the monument to the unknown soldier in Baghdad on their web site, which this screenshot was taken from.

"The design concept of the monument was conceived by the late Iraqi architect Khalid Al Rahaal, and was carried out by architects Marcello D’Olivo(Italian) in collaboration with Hisham Munir and his office (Iraqi). The artificial hill is shaped like a low, truncated cone of 250m diameter". Source: ArchNet/AKTC

Link to thumbnails at ArchNet



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