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Burmese Government vs Separatist Guerillas

Years: 1948-2017
Battle deaths: 48,681 [1]
Non-state conflict, battle-deaths: 2,211 [3]
Onesided violence: 5,136 [2]

Nation(s) involved and/or conflict territory [note]
Myanmar (Burma)

Published prior to 2013 | Updated: 2018-08-12 23:16:13
This article deals with the conflict between the Government of Myanmar and separatist guerillas over territory.


The internal conflict in Burma is the world’s longest-running civil war and began shortly after the country’s attainment of independence from the United Kingdom (U.K.) in 1948;[14] successive central governments of Burma (or Myanmar) have fought a myriad of ethnic and political rebellions.

Some of the earliest insurgencies were instigated by Burmese-dominated "multi-colored" left-wing groups and the Karen National Union (KNU); the KNU fought to create an independent Karen state from a large section of Lower Burma (or Outer Myanmar). Other ethnic rebellions started in the early 1960s after the central government refused to consider a federal government structure. By the early 1980s, politically oriented armed insurgencies had largely withered away, while ethnic-based insurgencies continued.[citation needed]

As of 2013, the Karen and Shan (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army) fight against the government in the east of the country, while small armed groups of the Rohingya people are active in the western part of the country (the Rohingya use refugee camps in Bangladesh as bases); sporadic conflicts also occur in other regions. Due to internal conflict, around 160,000 Burmese refugees live in Thailand, while many more Burmese live in other countries in the region.[citation needed]

As of 2007, around 25 different ethnic groups have signed ceasefire agreements with the military government.

Source: Wikipedia, published under the GNU FDL. Retrieved 2013-07-27


Data Sources

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Low: 48,154 High: 306,608

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Low: 4,774 High: 6,098

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Low: 2,056 High: 3,061

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