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Dhaka University Massacre 1971 a list of killed students and staff

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The massacres at Dhaka University beginning on March 25, 1971, was part of a military operation called Searchlight, which aim was to squash the opposition in the East Bengal (Bangladesh) against Pakistani rule that had emerged after the 1970 elections. Universities was specifically targeted in this campaign and hundreds of students, teachers and staff was killed in dormitories (halls) and residencies on the grounds of Dhaka University.
The following list of murdered students, teachers, staff and guests was compiled from Wikipedias article on these atrocious events. The list is incomplete and extracted from several sources (see number in paranthesis after name of hall or building). In many cases there is only a given name or family name.

Building 23 at Nilkhet (1)

Prof. Fajllur Rahman and his two relatives

12 Fuller Road (1)

Prof. Abdul Muktadir (Geology)

Dhaka hall (1)

Prof. A R Khan Khadim
Prof. Sharafat Ali (Mathematics department)

Jagannath Hall (1)

Ex-Provost and famous Professor of philosophy Dr Gobindra Chandra Dev, with his Muslim adopted daughters husband
Dr. A.N.M. Manirujjaman, Professor of Statistics along with his son and two relatives
Professor Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta, provost
Assistant house tutor Anudoipayon Bhattacharja (2)

Guests of students (1)

Ramonimohon Bhattacharjee
Helal of Bhairab college
Baddruddojha of Jagannath Hall
Jibon Sarkar of Netrokona
Mostaq of Netrokona
Bacchu of Netrokona
Amar of Netrokona

Jagannath Hall: students (4)

Kamrul Hasan
Upendra Nath Ray: Final Year MS Physics (Village: Guliara, Dinajpur)
Kartik Sheel: Final Year MA English (Kalakhali, Barisal)
Kishori Mohan Sarkar: First Part MA English (Paragram, Dhaka)
Keshab Chandra Haoladar: First Part MS Mathematics (Kachabalia, Barisal)
Gano Pati Haldar: First Second Third Year, Chemistry (Ghatichora, Barisal)
Ziban Krishna Sarkar: Final Part MS Chemistry (Kulpotak, Mymensingh)
Noni Gopal Bhaumik: Second Year Student (Shyam Gram, Comilla)
Nirmal Kumar Ray: First Part MCom Student
Niranjan Prosad Saha: First Part MS Physics
Niranjan Haldar: Final Part MS Physics (Shikarpur, Barisal)
Prodip Narayan Ray Chaudhury: First Part MA student
Barda Kanto Tarafdar: Second Year Student (Khepamol, Mymensingh)
Bidhan Chandra Ghose: Third Year, English (Kacharipara, Pabna)
Bimol Chandra Ray: Third Year Statistics (Balirtek, Manikganj)
Murari Mohan Biswas: M Ed (Ektarpur, Kustia)
Mrinal Kanti Bose: Final Part Economics (Muriagora, Faridpur)
Manoranjan Biswas: Second Year, Mathematics (Satpar, Faridpur)
Ronoda Prosad Ray: Second Year, Mathematics (Kosba, Faridpur)
Ramoni Mohan Bhattacharya: First Part MA, Philosophy (Asta gram, Mymnsingh)
Rakhal Ray: Third Year Mathematics (Chandidwar, Comilla)
Shib Kumar Das: Second Year, Soil Science (Patuary, Faridpur)
Rupendra Nath Sen: Second Year, Chemistry (Bhanga, Faridpur)
Santos Chandra Ray: Final Part MS, Botany (Boribari, Dhaka)
Shishutosh Datta Chaudhury: Second Year, English (Ambor, Sylhet)
Satya Ranjan Das: Third Year, Chemistry (Bajonba, Dhaka)
Sujit Datta: Third Year Student (Palash, Dhaka)
Subhash Chandra Chakrobarty: Second Year, Statistics (Mymensingh)
Susil Chandra Das: Third Year, Soil Science (Barail, Comilla)
Swapan Chaudhury: Third Year, Statistics (Dhemla, Chittagong)
Hari Narayan Das: Third Year, Sociology (Narsingdi, Dhaka)
Ajit Ray Chaudhury: No information
Niranjan Chanda: No info
Prabir Pal: First Part, MS (Amlapara, Mymensingh)
Bhabotosh Bhowmick:Second Year MS Chemistry (Chandpur)
Satya Ranjan Nag:
Subrata Saha:

Staff and guests of Jagannath Hall (4)

Madhu Sudan Dey (Madhu Da)
Khagendra Chandra Dey: staff philosophy dept
Sushil Chandra Dey: Pump workman, Engineering dept Dhaka University
Moti Lal Dey:
Dasu Ram: Gardener, VC Resident
Man Bharan Ray: Staff NIPA
Raj Bhar: Electrician, Engineering Dept, DU
Priyo Nath Ray: Gatekeeper
Sunil Chandra Das (Janitor)
Dukhi Ram Mandal: (Janitor)
Shib Pada Kuri (janitor)
Rajen Brahmachari: The spiritual guru of Shib bari
Zahar Lal Rajbhar: Gardener, Botany dept
Saroja Brahmachari: Spiritual guru of Shib bari
Madhab Chandra Das Brahmachari: Spiritual guru of Shib bari
Ram Dhoni Brahmachari: Spiritual guru of Shib bari
Shankar Kuri: Brother of Shibpada Kuri
Swami Mukundo Nando Saraswati: Spiritual guru of Shib bari
Bheer Ray
Bodhi Ram
Mani Ram

Jahurul Huq hall (1)

Shirajul Huq
Ali Hossain
Shohorab Ali Gaji
Abdul Majid

Rokeya Hall (1)

Chottor Ahmed Ali
Abdul Khalec
Md. Solaiman Khan
Md. Nurul Islam
Md Hafizuddin
Md. Chunnu Miya

Building 11 (1)

Md. Sadeq, teacher of University Laboratory School

Unknkown Location (1)

Staff of Philosophy department Khagen De and his son Motilal De
University staff Shushil Chandra De
Jaharlala Rajvar
Monvaran Roy
Shankar Kuri

Professors who survived the massacre but were killed later during the war (1)

Prof. Anwar Pasha
Prof. Rashidul Hassan (English Department)

Other accounts

According to Professor Dr. K.M. Munim around 200 students were killed at Jahrul Hoque hall (5)
Archer Blood, the then consul general of US at Dhaka, wrote in his book The Cruel Birth of Bangladesh that around 300 was killed at Rokeya Hall. (3)
At university residential building-23 the army left around 50 dead bodies (1)


Main source: extracted from this Wikipedias article

1) Martyrs of Liberation. War at Jagannath Hall by Ratanlal Chakrabarti (w3, w5))
2) Riffle Roti Awrat: Professor Anwar Pasha (w6)
3) Archer Blood (2002). The Cruel Birth of Bangladesh: Memoirs of an American Diplomat. ISBN 984-05-1650-7. (w7)
4) Mostly from muktadhara.net (deactivated website, retrieved by the Polynational War Memorial 2014 *)
5) Unknown source


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