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Presentation of the Interfaith Centre

By: Jon Brunberg | posted: 1/15/2008 1:00:00 AM


I´m happy to announce that the first of the design commissions for the Polynational War Memorial will be presented at the art festival Node.Stockholm in Stockholm Jan 15 - Feb 15.

The 3D-animated video "The Polynational War Memorial, part 3: the Interfaith Centre" is the first in a series of videos describing the various parts of the proposal for a polynational war memorial that I´ve been working on over the last three years. The Interfaith Centre was designed by Anders Johansson and Erik Winquist at Testbedstudio Stockholm in 2005 and their design was transformed into a 3D video. The video includes a soundtrack by composer Fred Saboonchi and voice by Lisette Merenciana.

The video will be exhibited as a part of the two-man show "A memorial and a city: a case syudy", which will be shown in the lobby at Clarion Hotel, Ringvägen 98 in Stockholm, during the periods Jan 15-20, Jan 23 - Feb 5 and Feb 10-15 (schedule may be subject to change). The exhibition also includes the video "WARTOPIA I, Berlin 518, Moscow 1122" by polish artist Aleksandra Polisiewicz. Curator is CRAC/Tobias Sjödin.

The show opens on Tuesday January 15 at Clarion Hotel, 7 pm to 1 am and you are warmly welcome!


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