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Scandinavian Sparks
Swedish Art and Design in China
October 22 - 31, 2004

We are proud to announce that the Polynational War Memorial will be presented as a part of SOC.Stockholm's participation in the exhibition Scandinavian Sparks in Beijing. The project will be present in the form of text and the animation '101 YEARS' that show the wars of the 20th century in 32 seconds. Please follow the link below to read the press release. The web site for the exhibition project is www.scandinaviansparks.com
Press release
A unique exhibition project on Swedish art and design will open at Space 798 in Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, on the 22nd of October 2004.
The project embraces some of the latest expressions within the field of art, music, fashion and design from Stockholm, giving you a feel of what Swedish culture is all about.
The exhibition features a number of Sweden's most renowned contemporary artists and designers - and at the same time invites you as an audience to participate.
During October 2004 you will meet the works of:
The artists Martin Wickström, Maya Eizin Öijer, Pelle Hansson, Carina Gardefjord, Annsofie Nilsson, Håkan Elofsson and Beatrice Hansson.
The designers Jonas Bohlin and Gunilla Lagerhem-Ullberg
The artists' driven space SOC. Stockholm and project room Sauna.
After shopping, an independent performance event from Stockholm will be co-curated by Shu Yang - featuring a full night of performances by Swedish and Chinese artists.

During an enhancing ten days you will have a chance to experience Swedish art, design and fashion, be part of the interactive publication created by Sauna and meet Swedish and Chinese artists working together.

Curators: Susanne Rolf and Joanna Sandell


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