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Dossin Mechelen - international Architectural Workshop March 2007, 'thinking the future of symbolic places' , March 13-18 2007

By: Jon Brunberg | posted: 2/25/2007 1:00:00 AM


I've been invited to participate in the Dossin Mechelen workshop in the town of Mechelen in Belgium, which will gather 140 master students in Architecture from all over Europe to "discuss and reflect around the themes of "Holocaust" and "Racism" and work intensively on an (architectural) answer on the future of 'places of remberance' and 'cultural heritage'".

"The program of the first day will concentrate on introducing the principal aims and assignments of the workshop, some specific lectures & testimony of a Shoah witness, formation of the Design Studio Teams, exhibition & site visits, and first discussion. The other days are mainly dedicated to the Design Studio-work with other field visits in and around Mechelen, discussion & debate, intermediate presentations and reviews" (from the programme).

My contribution to this event will be to give a lecture about the Polynational War Memorial Project in the afternoon on March 14 and to partcipate in the parallell actvities video- and mixed media group.

More information: www.dossin-mechelen.be


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