a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial

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Where will it be built?


The Polynational War Memorial should ideally be built, in six copies, on six locations around the world, to increase accessibility and avoid issues that may arise around one singular structure. The six sites will include the same set of institutions and facilities, but there may be local variations in terms of architecture, design, infrastructure and content depending on the cultural context.

The area dedicated to the memorial should be in a peaceful and respectful setting, preferrably in a landscape, but not to far away from a bigger city with proper accomodation possibilities for all kinds of visitors.

No specific locations, or countries, are named as hosts in this stage of the project, but the preference for host countries are such that where peaceful solutions to inter- or intra-state conflicts are predominant in their recent history. The host country must also be able to provide the services and infrastructure needed by the millions of visitors that will come to the sites each year.

Since nation-state hosting may not be ideal for this type of institution. One solution is therefore that the global community - trough a trust or supranational body representing nations - aquires pieces of land for the memorial, which is being treated as polynational land, managed by its owner or local authorities.



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> Where will it be built?


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