a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial

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The aim with The Polynational War Memorial is to create the most comprehensive war memorial in the world, and a series of world-leading institutions that deals with education and negotiations.

The memorial is expected to draw a huge number of visitors that will come to honor their dead, to learn about history and the wars of today and to participate in ceremonies of all kinds. This demands good infrastructurual solutions and services of many kinds.

The other aspect of the overall concept is the establishing of an organization that collects and analyzes data, that outputs that data to the memorial, that tries to play a leading role in negotiation between warring parties and that will educate people that want to engage in such processes.

These two interconnected aspects of the concept is merged in one master plan which consists of a cluster of building complexes that together form a separate urban environment close to a larger city.

This section of the website outlines the programs of the proposal and shows the result of the three design projects, which are in different stages of completion. This project is very much in progress and the website is updated frequently with new information as the project proceeds.



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Test rendering of the Memorial, by Servo



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