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Full scale test, guiding, at Wanås Sculpture park 2008

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Wanås 2008: Loss/Förlust
Wanås Foundation, Wanås, Knislinge
May 18 - October 19, 2008

The exhibition Loss/Förlust included the first fullscale experiment for this project. The master plan was adapted to Wanås’ park and a visitor map was produced, that merged the master plan with the park. The map has a red walking path trough the factual landscape and virtual building complex.

On five spots along the walk I placed information boards with 3D-renderings, photo montages and texts that show the visitor what the landscape in front of them would look like if the architecture would be built at there. On several occasions during the exhibition period I gave hour-long guided tours in the park/ complex, in which I presented an extended narration about the project and my research. With the adaption of the master plan for Wanås

The adaption of the master plan does not imply that Wanås is suggested as one of the six sites where the complex should be built. It is rather an attempt to merge an existing landscape with the proposed architecture, and thus an opportunity to experience the complex in full scale.

The video The Polynational War Memorial, part 3: the Interfaith Centre is shown in the gallery during the exhibition period.


Participating artists are: Lida Abdul, Christian Boltanski, Jon Brunberg, Matthew Buckingham, Ann Böttcher, Sophie Calle, Mona Hatoum, Emily Jacir, Regina José Galindo, Alejandra Lundén, Deimantas Narkevicius, Zoran Naskovski, Emily Prince, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Sissel Tolaas and Kara Walker.

Curators: Elna Svenle and Marika Wachtmeister.
Wanås website


Photos from guided tour by Lena Brunberg.


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