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Killed Kashmiri Pandits in the Vale of Kashmir 1987-1990

No of names: 319
Indian-Pakistani Dispute and Intrastate Insurgency in Kashmir

Organisation: Panun Kashmir Movement
Org. type: Non-Governmental Organisation
Website language: English
In January 1990 the Vale of Kashmir in Indian-administred Jammu and Kashmir erupted in violence as insurgents threathened to kill or dispel the non-muslim population in the region. The emerging militancy followed in the wake of a disputed election of the regional parlament in 1987. One group that was effected was the Kashmiri "Pandits" who describe themselves as the original inhabitants of the Valley of Kashmir. Hundreds of Pandits were killed in the ensuing violence and tens of thousands fled their homes to resettle in camps elsewhere in India. The insurgency continues up to this day, and even though the level of violence has receded in recent years, few pandits have taken up the call to move back to their homeland for fears of continued persecution.
These events and the killings have been documented by Pandit organisations. The Panun Kashmir Movement (PKM) submitted a report to the National Human Rights Commission (of India?) with a list of 319 killed Pandits until October, 1990, which I believe must be the same list as the one presented in the frame below.

Another list appears in the book Kashmir – Wail of a valley, By Mohan Lal Koul, 1999, which includes detailed biographies of killed pandits 1987-1990 – of which most seem to be included also in PKM:s list.

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