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Kosovo Memorybook - List of killed, missing and disappeared 1998-2000

No of names: 13,549
Yugoslavia vs NATO Forces and UCK Guerilla

Organisation: Humanitarian Law Center
Org. type: Human Rights Organisation
Website language: English
The Kosovo Memorybook is a comprehensive, searchable list of killed, missing and disappeared in 1998-2000 as a result of the war in Kosovo. It includes over 13,500 names from all sides in the conflict and of all ethnicities; civilians as well as members of armed forces and politicians. Civilians killed in NATO:s air bombing campaign that was listed by Human Rights Watch are also included here. While the dataset does not include detailed data regarding events and biographies it has been designed for quick searches. The page does however take quite a while to load fully. This is the most all-encompassing project I've found when it comes to the counting of casualties of the war in Kosovo and this record will replace previous records concerning this war.[3]

The Kosovo Memorybook was compiled by the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) (Serbian Latin: Fond za Humanitarno pravo, Albanian: Fondi për të Drejtën Humanitare) which is a non-governmental organisation with offices in Belgrade, Serbia, and Pristina, Kosovo. [1]

The office of the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (HLC Kosovo) is working to document facts that will assist Kosovo society to deal with the recent past, while at the same time promoting the protection of minority rights, whose unsatisfactory situation is largely a legacy of the recent past. HLC Kosovo seeks to counter denial and political manipulation of human losses, and ensure the integrity and transparency of war crimes trials dealing with those losses. [2]

[1] Wikipedia, retrieved 2016-08-02
[2] Everycasualty.org, retrieved 2016-08-02
[3] Two of the previous links were: HRW report on civilians killed in NATO:s air bombing campaign and IRC list of disappeared persons.
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