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By: Jon Brunberg | posted: 7/11/2016 11:38:30 AM


Right before christmas last year this website had to be relocated to a new server. It was a rather quick move, and things happened in the process. No data was lost, it wasn’t as bad as that, but a few files that run the website got deleted in the process, links broke, a few images disappeared and so on so forth. I’m sorry for all that hassle. At the moment all those bugs and glitches are being taken care of to restore the site to its former glory. And a few novelties and beautifications will appear in that process. Take a look, for example, at the redesigned Online War Memorial Collection! Oh, and to the right you´ll se the first version of the project´s new logo. 

While the updating continues, I hope that you will bear with the bugs and glitches that may prevent you from access all parts of this site.


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1. New design for the Online Memorial Collection
2. Trying out a new logo for PNW!


2018-07-21 | Update Log 2018

2017-06-04 | War Database Update Log 2017

2016-08-23 | Mobile-friendly website in the making!


Number of names in the Online War Memorials Collection



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