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Remembering The Ones We Lost - List of Victims in the Wars in South Sudan

No of names: 5,064
South Sudanese Civil War
Lou Nuer vs Murle (Jonglei conflict)

Organisation: Remembering The Ones We Lost
Org. type: Memorial organisation
Website language: English

Remembering The Ones We Lost is an ambitious project initiated by a small group of dedicated activists with the aim to record and document the deaths of all victims of armed violence in South Sudan since 1955. The group first released a list of 568 names of victims in 2014: "Naming the Ones We Lost", and has since expanded its activities and the scope of the project. They've recently launched a memorial website with over 5000 names of killed civilians and members of armed groups. Most of these fatalities occured as a result of the war that has raged in parts of the country since 2013. The group state that they hope with this initiative "to bring attention to the shared suffering, give additional meaning to cries for peace and be a tool for understanding and reconciliation amongst South Sudanese individuals and communities."
    According to the website Remembering The Ones We Lost was initiated "by a small group of dedicated South Sudanese volunteers and organizations: Anyieth D’Awol (The ROOTS Project), Awak Bior, Christina Obur, Daud Gideon, David Deng (South Sudan Law Society (SSLS)), Edmund Yakani (Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO)), Priscilla Nyagoah, Pio Ben Ding and Yohanis Riek".

ONE BY ONE, SOUTH SUDAN TRIES TO NAME ITS WAR VICTIMS, by Nick Turse in The Intercept, Jan 2016.
Naming The Lost in PDF format

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