a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial
Sample of how module sets can be combined with modules highlited.

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The Design


The brief stated that the conventional method to include the names of the dead as a healing element should be used in the Memorial. What makes this a rather unconventional project is the scale, since it would have to include a minimum of ten million names. If those names were to be written on a wall with letters the size of those in Maya Lin´s Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, they would fill a surface that would be two kilometers long, and twenty meters high.

To adress this issue Ulrika Karlsson at Servo created a design in which space is used as effective as possible.

The memorial consists of a small number of modules, which are constructed from one basic shape, a circle that has been folded twice to fit in a geometrical pyramid. These modules are combined into clusters that are spread out over a large circle with a radius of approximately two hundred fifty metres in diameter. They form an organic city with closed blocks, open squares, vista points and parks.


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