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Unimune Main Building





The three main institutions of the Unimune, that have given it its name - the University, the Museum and the center for Negotiations - are housed in three separate, yet intertwined and interconnected parts of a building complex, which is located to an area at the center of the Polynational War Memorial, between the interfaith center and the main memorial.

The main building is surrounded by a dense city with housing areas, offices for various organisations as well as shops, restaurants and other facilities. The city also houses several satellite facilities to Unimune´s institutions, for example libraries, a data collection centre. and a campus. This design project is still in progress.



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Project: Unimune (University, Museum and Centre for Negotiations)
Office: Raumlabor, Berlin, in collaboration with Büro Blickpunkt.
Status: Ongoing


A: Administration
L: Lobby
M: Museum
C: Conference centre for negotiations
U: University



2018-07-21 | Update Log 2018

2017-06-04 | War Database Update Log 2017

2016-08-23 | Mobile-friendly website in the making!


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