a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial
The Interfaith Centre by Testbedstudio

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Design Projects


The design proposal for a polynational war memorial, which is currently being created, will serve as a prototype for the future building complex. The creation of this prototype allows the programs of the separate institutions and building complexes to be developed and re-defined as the work proceeds. In this section of the website you can follow the development of the project and learn about the architects and their work.

Three architect offices/groups have received commissions to design the main building complexes of the proposal. They were given fairly detailed briefs, but the design process have been open for suggestions and additions which in some cases have changed the program of a site in dramatic ways.

The design project are in varied stages of completion. The first has already been finished while others are currently in process. The result will be presented as the project proceeds in the form of 3D-animated narrations that describe the program and design of the buildings and the project as a whole and in so-called full scale experiments. Please see the presentations section for information about presentations of the project.

The three design projects

Project 1: The Interfaith Centre

Office: Testbedstudio, Stockholm
Team: Anders Johansson and Erik Wingquist
Status: Design and animation completed

Project2: Unimune (University, Museum and Centre for Negotiations)

Office: Raumlabor, Berlin, in collaboration with Büro Blickpunkt.
Design team 1st design: Raumlabor: Markus Bader, Axel Timm, Alexander Kaiser, Paul Zöll
Büro Blickpunkt: Eva Tuerks, Juliane Wolf.
Design team 2nd design: Markus Bader, Alexander Kaiser
Status: Ongoing

Project3: The Memorial

Office: Servo (Stockholm/Zürich/NY/LA)
Design team: Ulrika Karlsson
Status: Ongoing



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