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Killed and missing persons from the territories of Republic Croatia and former Republic of Serb Krayina

No of names: 7,134
Croatian Govt, irregulars vs Serbian Govt, irregulars, Rep. Krajina

Organisation: D.I.C. Veritas
Org. type: Non-Governmental Organisation
Website language: English
Veritas has published a lists that includes 6,990 names of "killed and missing persons from the territories of Republic Croatia and former Republic of Serb Krayina, who were mainly of Serbian nationality (some were of other nationalities but had either lived or fought on the Serbian side in Republic of Serb Krayina)."

4,917 of the names listed here were identified and buried.

Information about Veritas: "The Belgrade based non-government organisation VERITAS was established in late 1993 by citizens of the then Republic of Serbian Krayina - RSK (former United Nations Protected Area - UNPA). Prior to the exile of Krayina population in August 1995, the organization was headquartered in Knin. Afterwards it moved to Belgrade."

This list cover the years 1990-98.

Source: http://www.veritas.org.rs/spiskovi/ (in Croatian)
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