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First Gulf War

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There are a few online databases or memorials for US casualties in Operation Desert Storm that aimed to push the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait. The frame below shows the searchable database at http://gulf-war-casualties.mooseroots.com/d/a/Operation-Desert-Storm which includes biographies of 298 fallen US Soldiers in Op. Desert Storm and 84 in Op. Desert Shield.

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association counts US fatalities in Op. Desert Storm to 294 (114 by enemy fire, 145 in accidents, 35 to friendly fire).

Other nationalities killed in the coalition were:

Senegal- 92 (accident)
United Kingdom- 47 (38 by enemy fire, 9 to friendly fire)
Saudi Arabia- 18
France- 2
Egypt- 2
United Arab Emirates- 6
Syria- 2
Kuwait- 1 (as part of Operation Desert Storm), a further 200 Kuwaiti soldiers was killed according to Wikipedia.

Another promising virtual war memorial is gulfwarmemorial.com created and maintained by Douglas Havemann, himself a Gulf veteran, but the site seem to have problem loading the actual memorial. The memorial includes lists of killed US soldiers in Operation Desert Storm as well as Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
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