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The Unimune was the second design project commssioned for the Polynational War Memorial. Unimune is an acronym for the three main parts of the building - the University, the Museum and the Centre for negotiations. This commisson was given to the Berlin based architect group Raumlabor who in turn invited the design office Büro Blickpunkt that have contributed to the project with a series of diagrams that describe the relations between the various programs and their usage.

Raumlabor describe themselves as a group of members with common interests, rather than an architect office, that forms working groups for each specific project, often in interdisciplinary collaborations with specialists from other fields. The main themes in their work are public space, urban transformation and the border between public and private. Apart from architecture they are also working with urbanism, actions, landscape architecture, art and design in public space and art installations.

The commission was given in 2006 and the final design delivered in 2007. This project is still in progress.


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1st design: Raumlabor: Markus Bader, Axel Timm, Alexander Kaiser, Paul Zöll
Büro Blickpunkt: Eva Tuerks, Juliane Wolf

2nd design: Markus Bader, Alexander Kaiser

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