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The Afghan Victim Memorial

No of names: 4,049
Afghanistan war

Organisation: Marc Herold
Org. type: Individuals
Website language: English
A memorial site for a large number of civilians that have been killed in the war in Afghanistan made and maintained by Marc Herold, Ph.D. at the University Of New Hampshire. Dr. Herold’s groundbreaking methodology of using media reports to compile data about casualties in war has inspired other groups such as the Iraq Body Count.

Quote from the site: "The following lists names of Afghan civilians who died as a consequence of U.S. actions. Often Afghans go by one name only. Further details surrounding the particular U.S. attack may be found in the articles and reports listed in the sources column of the day-by-day chronicles. Naturally, we know the names of only a fraction of those who died."

I’ve calculated all persons denoted in Herold’s list as killed. In cases an lower and upper bound is mentioned I’ve used the lower. In the few cases where an indefinite number is mentioned ("x entire family" or a "large number of casualties") I’ve only counted one. The upper bound of the number of killed in this list may therefore be considerably higher.

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