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The List of 240 Eelam Tamil Black Tiger Martyrs

No of names: 240
Sri Lankan Govt vs Tamil Militants (LTTE)

Organisation: Tamil Nation
Org. type: Non-Governmental Organisation
Tamilnation.org published the following article from 22 June 2004 by Sachi Sri Kantha, which includes a list of 240 Eelam Tamil Black Tiger (LTTE) martyrs killed in suicide attacks from 1987 to 2001. The names are listed in chronological order.

The original Source seem to be: Sooriya Puthalvargal 2003-LTTE’s Memorial Souvenir (2003), pp.20-49.

Sachi Sri Kantha: "Late last year, I received a copy of Sooriya Puthalvargal, Memorial Souvenir 2003, a 96 page book, published by the LTTE’s International Secretariat. It was a much and long awaited book for me. It contained the basic details [in Tamil language] of 240 Black Tigers of LTTE, who became benefactors of Eelam Tamils by performing [or on the verge of attempting] the most daring military manueuvers in contemporary warfare. These were the contemporary practitioners of altruistic suicidal act in the battle grounds of Ceylon, perfected by Guru Drona in the Battle of Kurushetra nearly 5,000 years ago."
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