a memorial for all wars: the Polynational War Memorial

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The Memorial


What would a global war memorial to honor all people that were killed in war look like? It is impossible to imagine a specific set of functions and a design that would be acceptable to those who should be considered the primary users of this memorial: the relatives, friends and comrades to the dead.

The task to design such a memorial becomes more complex since it won´t differentiate between civilians and soldiers, nationality or belief. The names of former adversaries may appear side by side of each other. Names of victims may appear side by side of perpetrators.

The design would, in other words, have to reflect the compromise that would inevitably be the result of both a political and an artistic process. The proposal that is presented here shows one possible solution.

The commission to create the Memorial was given to Ulrika Karlsson at Servo architects. It is a work with is in progress and the renderings and graphics that you will se here are snapshots from the ongoing process.

Read more about the design, the architect, the brief and the technical solutions in the articles in this section.


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All images shown in this section are test renderings from the ongoing work-process.



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