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Victims of the Conflict in Sierra Leone, 1991 to 2000

No of names: 3,078
Sierra Leone Civil War

Organisation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Sierra Leone
Org. type: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Website language: English
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Sierra Leone has published a comprehensive document on ther website that list over 12,000 victims of the brutal intrastate war that raged the country for almost ten years. Of these people 3,078 were killed. In the statistical annex the number of killings as derived from witness statements are said to be 4514. The quotes below are taken from the Commission’s web site.

The establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (the Commission) in Sierra Leone after eleven years of bitter civil conflict was appropriate, necessary and indeed, highly significant for the healing of a traumatised nation. ... The Commission was a product of the Lomé Peace Agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). The work of the Commission has laid the foundation for reconciliation and healing for all of those affected by the civil war. Victims and perpetrators are beginning to find a common ground on which to stand, live and develop the country together in peace and harmony.

These entries give the names of the victims and their ages where known. Each entry is followed by the year in which the abuse began and, where possible, the chiefdom and district in which itoccurred. Finally each entry includes a description of the violations perpetrated against each victim. It should be noted that many victims suffered several violations over a period of several years or in many different locations; however, only the first date and place is stated here. The age given is the victim’s age at the time when the victim was first abused, but not necessarily the age at which the victim suffered all of the listed violations. The 1,587 individuals named in confidential statements have been excluded from this list. 10,404 victims are listed here.
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