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Victims of the Gatumba massacre

No of names: 165
Burundi Civil War

Organisation: Abatutsi
Org. type: Other/undefined
Website language: French
On August 13, 2004, a refugee camp in Gatumba was the scene of one of the largest civilian massacres carried out in Burundi in recent years. A force of armed combatants, many of them members of the Forces for National Liberation (FNL), massacred at least 152 Congolese civilians and wounded another 106. The FNL is a predominantly Hutu rebel movement known for its hostility to Tutsi and the victims were largely Banyamulenge, a group often categorized with Tutsi. The FNL is believed to have been behind a series of other attacks, including the December 28, 2000 Titanic Express massacre. source: Wikipedia

The list of victims from the Gatumba massacre including 165 names can be found at abatutsi.wordpress.com (in French) together with an excerpt from the book by Diomède Rutamucero: "Contre l’extermination d’un peuple , le front non-violent contre le génocide des Tutsi au Burundi, au Rwanda et au Congo, Editions Kiyago 2005". It is unclear where this list originates from but a version of the document with 156 victims listed can be found at docstoc.

Another commemorative website for the Gatumba massacre was made for the Gatumba Refugees Survivors Foundation gatumbasurvivors.org

Further reading: HRW Report on the massacre
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