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Afghanistan Civil War

Years: 1978-2000
Battle deaths: 538,097 [1]
Non-state conflict, battle-deaths: 1,295 [3]
Onesided violence: 7,278 [2]

Nation(s) involved and/or conflict territory [note]
Afghanistan, Soviet Union

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The intrastate armed conflict in Afghanistan started with another military coup in 1978 which installed a socialist government that from the following year received supporting troops from the Soviet Union against the growing armed opposition. Much of the opposition against the government was organised by the exiled leaders of groups formed around claims of reversing the secular state promoted by the government. These groups, referred to as the Mujahideen, established camps in neighbouring countries and incorporated volunteers from around the world in the fight against the Soviet-backed government. The Soviet Union withdrew its troops in 1988 but the conflict continued as different groups competed for government power and formed shifting alliances. Discontent with the rule of local warlords led to the sudden growth of a new actor in the mid-1990s, the Taleban, which controlled the government in 1996-2001. The Taleban established a strict Islamic state based on the Pashtun approach to sharia law until it was ousted in late 2001 by an opposition alliance supported by an US-led multinational coalition.

Source: Uppsala Conflict Data Program (Date of retrieval: 2014-08-27) UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia, Uppsala University


Data Sources

[1] Battle deaths: PRIO Battle Deaths Dataset v3.0 (link) (1946-88) #137 UCDP Battle-Related Deaths Dataset v. 5-2016 (link) (1989-2015)
Low: 75,028 High: 666,729

[2] UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset v. 1.4-2015 (1989-2014) (link) including actors: Government of Afghanistan, Taleban, UIFSA
Low: 5,178 High: 11,127

[3] UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset v. 2.5-2015, 1989-2014 (link) including dyads: Hizb-i Wahdat vs Junbish-i Milli-yi Islami, Forces of Sayed Mansur Naderi vs Hizb-i Islami-yi Afghanistan, Harakat-i Inqilab-i Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Ittihad-i Islami Bara-yi Azadi-yi Afghanistan, Hizb-i Wahdat vs Hizb-i Wahdat - Akbari faction, Hizb-i-Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Hizb-i Wahdat, Hizb-i-Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Jamiat-ul-Dawa, Hizb-i-Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Jam'iyyat-i Islami-yi Afghanistan, Hizb-i-Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Junbish-i Milli-yi Islami, Hizb-i-Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Taleban, Jam'iyyat-i Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Junbish-i Milli-yi Islami, Jam'iyyat-i Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Mahaz-i Milli-yi Islami-yi Afghanistan, Jam'iyyat-i Islami-yi Afghanistan vs Shura-yi Nazar-i Shomali, Taleban - Ali Dad faction vs Taleban - Mola Khel faction
Low: 1,065 High: 1,809

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NOTE! Nation data for this war may be inconlusive or incomplete. In most cases it reflects which nations were involved with troops in this war, but in some it may instead reflect the contested territory.



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