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Algeria Govt vs Islamic rebels, GIA, AIS, AQIM

Years: 1991-2017
Battle deaths: 18,822 [1]
Non-state conflict, battle-deaths: 444 [3]
Onesided violence: 1,699 [2]

Nation(s) involved and/or conflict territory [note]

Published prior to 2013 | Updated: 2018-08-03 14:31:44
This conflict reached war intensity during the period 1994-1999.

UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia:

The armed conflict in Algeria over governmental power has been fought by a number of different Islamic groups since the beginning of the 1990s. Although the goal of establishing an Islamic state generally has been shared among the groups, the means have differed. The conflict escalated to war in 1993 with increased brutality. The intensity of the violence decreased in 2002 and some groups have laid down their weapons, however at the same time the use of suicide attacks by others has increased.

Violence in Algeria continued in a downward trajectory during 2013. As in previous years the majority of the violence took place in the mountainous region close to the Mediterranean coastline in northern Algeria. There was however violence in the southern regions of Algeria as well. The porous borders and regional approach of several groups in the area created an advantageous milieu for AQIM as well as other groups in the area operating in Algeria as well as Niger and Mail.

Source: Uppsala Conflict Data Program (Date of retrieval: 2014-08-17) UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia, Uppsala University


Data Sources

[1] Battle deaths: UCDP Battle-Related Deaths Dataset v. 5-2017 (link) (1989-2017) #386
Low: 18,733 High: 24,821

[2] UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset v. 1.4-2017 (link) including actors: / GIA / AQIM / Signed-in-Blood Battalion
Low: 1,500 High: 3,055

[3] UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset v. 2.5-2017 (link) including dyads: / AIS vs GIA / GIA - El Forkane vs GIA - El Khadra Battalion / GIA - El Ahd Battalion vs GIA - El Khadra Battalion
Low: 444 High: 457

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NOTE! Nation data for this war may be inconlusive or incomplete. In most cases it reflects which nations were involved with troops in this war, but in some it may instead reflect the contested territory.



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