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The Bruce Lee monument

Type: Physical memorial
Location: Mostar
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Creator: Urban Movement
Dedication year: 2005

Added: 8/14/2009
Updated: 10/18/2010 10:40:17 PM

The Bruce Lee monument
License: © | By: Branimir Prijak | Source: link | enlarge

The dedication of the Bruce Lee monument in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in November 2005 gained media attention from all over the world. It is perhaps not surprising, since this monument is something of an oddity. Instead of finding a common denominator for the croats and bosnians that populate the ethnically divided city of Mostar, the creators of the monument have used an external, and well-known, symbol in the kung-fu hero Bruce Lee.

More information can be found at Projekt/relations web site

Photo from the dedication of the monument by: Branimir Prijak


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