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Partial List of Ogadeni Civilians Killed in Recent Operations by ONLF

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No of names: 69
Organisation: US Government

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Partial List of Ogadeni Civilians Killed in Recent Operations by ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front) included in a testimony before the United States House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, October 2, 2007. By Dr. J. Peter Pham, Director, The Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs, James Madison University.

April 24, 2007:/ In addition to the Chinese oil workers and their
Ethiopian guards, thirty civilians were killed in the attack on
Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau oilfield:

1. Mahad Ciise Aar
2. Mohamed Nuur Nabad-diid
3. Ahmed Mahdi Cabdi
4. Mohamed Muhumed
5. Mohamed C/laahi Faarax
6. Nuur Cumar Xirsi
7. Fadxi Dayib Muxed
8. Asad Cabdi Raasin
9. C/raxmaan Abiib Ibraahin
10.Mohamed M Gaas Dimuqradi
11.Mohamed Ahmed Nuur
12.Xasan Jaamac Cabdi
13.Mowliid Mux’ed Aadan
14.Mowliid Kayd Muuse
15.Iid Muhumed Nuux
16.Dawlad Carabeey Ahmed
17.Ina Aadan Muhumed
18.C/laahi Cumar Hul-hul
19.Cagewayne Muhumed Ahmed
20.Ahmed Cabdi Xuseen
21.Ahmed XasanMadoobe
22.Ahmed Dhagoole Yuusuf
23.Jamaal Siyaad Furunle
24.Xabiib Mohamoud
25.Xasan Cumar Shiifoow
26.Cabdi Mohamed Ciise
27.Macalin Xasan Sh. Mohamed
28.C/rashiid Qabri-Dahar
29.Mohamed Yuusuf
30.Ina Gaacuur Cali

/May 28, 2007: /An ONLF grenade attack on a cultural gathering in Jijiga
killed four middle school students:

1. Ahmed Mohamed Aftaag
2. Abdiwali Mohamed Tuluh
3. Ahmed Mohamoud Bucul
4. Leyla Sharif Hassan

/May 28, 2007: /In a separate attack, fifty civilians were injured,
including the regional president Abdullahi Hassan, and three artists
were killed:

1. Abdi Kaamil Awale
2. Aw-Ganbad
3. Kalid Nur

/July 1, 2007: /An attack on the town of Dobaweyn in Korahey region left
ten civilians dead, including two schoolteachers and a pregnant woman:

1. Muhumed Abdi Dol
2. Sigale Usman
3. Dilif Mahamoud Usman
4. Abdirahman Allele
5. Aydid Gallery
6. Abdulahi Abdisamad
7. Mohamed Guled (Gamacur)
8. Dubad Barkab
9. Kabe Umar Un-un
10.A young daughter of Sheikh Isman

/September 20, 2007: /An attack on the town of Shilabo left five
civilians dead:

1. Duulane Guuleed Carab
2. Aadan Mohamed Cashuur
3. Kaamil Kaydsane Iishaar
4. Saynab Ali Gurxan
5. Duulane Ali Xagaa

/September 21, 2007: /An ONLF-planted landmine near Aware in Dagahbour
region exploded, killing three civilians traveling in automobile:

1. Dayib Abaade
2. Guled Abdi Dheeg
3. Anab Hirsi-Jini

/September 25, 2007: /An attack on another vehicle near El-Har, just
outside of Kebridahare, destroyed the vehicle, killing two civilians:

1. Dhadoon Abdullahi Nur
2. Mohmaed Mohamoud Dahir

/September 27, 2007: /An ONLF unit attacked district of Lahelow nearby
the Ethiopia-Somalia border, targeting members of the Isma’il Gum’adle
sub-clan, twelve of whom were slain:

1.Jamaal Garaad Haashi
2.Gooni Gaydh Muhamed Ereg
3.Ali Nuur Mohamed
4.Ahmed Atoobe
5.Faarah Sahardiid Gabay
6.Aadan Abdulaahi Diiriye
7.Faarah Qawdhan Aadan Cade
8.Carab Istabool Biihi (Guuleed Hagoog)
9.Nadiir Ahmed Hirsi
10.Awaale Ali Guray
11.Abdirahman Carab Maxamed Guure
12.Abdinuur Goofadhe Gasay


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