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Lari Memorial Peace Museum

Type: Physical memorial
Location: Kimende
Country: Kenya

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The Lari Memorial Peace Museum is based in Kimende. It’s a memorial to the massacres in Lari during the Mau Mau rebellion and works actively with peace, justice and reconciliation in Kenya.

Official web site

The history page of the website details the history behind its creation:

The Twenty-sixth of March 1953 marked an indelible mark in the history of Lari. On that fateful night, the nationalist struck the royalists killing over a hundred and fifty individual. Houses were burnt, animals were killed as well. Lari witnessed a bloodbath.

The following morning was even worse. The government came down for revenge. Many were killed within the villages and others taken into the nearby Kiriita and Uplands forests where they were short dead. Later, a court was opened for trials on the suspected Mau Mau adherents. This continued up to mid 1954. A generation was lost.

The internal wounds have kept the community in pain, suspicion, hatred and separation between the two sides from one generation to the other. The pain of the internal wounds has refused to go. The wounds and painful memories linger in them as if they happened yesterday. It has remained an indelible mark ever since.

The Lari Memorial Peace Museum was started in year 2001 and registered on 29th May the same year. The Organization grew as a commitment to fight the hatred, suspicion, pain and the many unhealed internal wounds that kept the Lari community since the 1953 infamous Lari massacre. In 2008 and after the post election violence, the organization conducted a project dubbed the beading of a Kenyan tree of peace. Twenty three communities participated in the beading in Central, Nyanza, Western, Eastern and Rift-Valley Provinces.


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