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Temp Iraq War Memorial in San Francisco

Type: Physical memorial
Location: San Francisco
Country: United States

Added: 9/23/2005
Updated: -

"Diamonds in the sky" was a temporary war memorial made in 2004 by American artist Karrie Hovey.

Images at Hovey’s website

Quote from article in San Francisco Gate:

"Hovey’s sculpture consists of 1,262 white porcelain stars, each about the size of a starfish, attached with magnets to a large wall of gray metal. Each bears the name, age and date of death of a U.S. or allied soldier killed in Iraq.

Together, all the names arrayed on a plain wall recall the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., which Hovey acknowledged was an inspiration for her work.

But Hovey’s memorial is different -- the idea is for passers-by to remove a star from the wall, carry it away and place it somewhere else."

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