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AL-QAIDA VS USA AND ALLIES (2001-2017) [i]
Bali bombing memorial in LondonPhysical
World Trade Center MemorialPhysical
Victims of the September 11 attacksVirtual
Memorials to the Victims of the 911 Terrorist Attack on the PentagonPhysical
List of Victims of Bomb Attacks in London on July 7, 2005Virtual
Memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack in Kuta, Bali 2002.Physical
The Forest of the Departed (Bosque de los Asuentes)Physical
Victims of the November 9 hotel bombs in AmmanVirtual
Flight 93 National MemorialPhysical
Virtual memorial to the victims of the March 11 bombingsVirtual
7 July Memorial in LondonPhysical
Remember Bali, Bali 12.10.2002 Memorial SiteVirtual


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